Product Description

SmartPed is designed to meet the requirements of most robotic camera applications, ranging from lightweight payloads to fully-loaded cameras with large lenses, hand-controls and prompters with balance weights.

The pedestal’s self-contained fully digital electronic management system, working with the overall Shotoku control system, provides a powerful remote controlled device capable of precise movement in all controlled axes (PTZFHXY) with finger-tip joystick control. Advanced navigation capabilities and proximity detection devices ensure the pedestal remains aware of its position and surrounding area at all times.

The internal navigation system ensures that pre-set shots are stored easily, and recalled with precision in a smooth on-air motion whenever required.


Max Payload

90kg (198lbs)

Min Height

680mm (27")

Max Height

1430mm (56")

Collision Avoidance

Multi-Zone Ultrasonic

Collision Detection

Multi-Zone Bumper Strip

VR Tracking



110 - 240 VAC 500W peak

Height Range

750mm (29.5")

Height Speed

1-100mm/s (0.04-4"/s)

Pedestal Speed

1-200mm/s (0.04-8"/s)

Local Display

Integrated LCD color touchscreen

Status Indication

Subtle floor-level LED illumination (Moving/E-Stop/Referenced/Local)

Emergency Stop

Local illuminated E-Stop buttons (instantly shut down all drive circuits) Remote E-Stop

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