Product Description

Fully robotic, the TRP-100 provides the ultimate in camera control, adding X-Y and Height to a standard PTZF system. At its heart is our TP-80A manual pedestal, which explains why the pedestal performs so comfortably in both robotic and manual modes. The high capacity payload ensures that even larger camera configurations can be accommodated.

Safety is always paramount, and the TRP-100 is equipped with three safety systems:

Collision Avoidance - A ~600mm detection shield surrounds the entire pedestal base.

Bumper Detection - Floor level pressure sensors detect whenever an object is touched.

E-Stop - 2 Emergency stop buttons per pedestal, as well a central "Master E-Stop" to shut down all pedestals in a studio

The navigation system is based on our world-leading VR tracking systems used on all our 3D tracking pedestals. A simple reference tile is used to define the 'Home' position, which is maintained whenever the pedestal is powered. Even in manual mode the pedestal remains referenced and will not require re-referencing when returning to robotic operation. If re-referencing should be required at any other time, the process takes only a few seconds and may be initiated from the remote control system, or at the pedestal itself.



100kg / 220lbs

Height range

750mm / 29.5"

Safety systems

Proximity detection, Bumper strip; E-Stop

Minimum height

670mm /26.4"

Maximum height

1,420mm / 55.9"


100-240v (300W Max)

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