Product Description

The TG-27 pan and tilt head combines small size and light weight without compromising payload capacity, making it ideal for a wide range of applications from parliaments and legislatures to small TV studios with limited studio space.

Supporting up to 17kgs the TG-27 can support almost any typical SD or HD ENG camera and lens configuration. The TG-27 head also works exceptionally well with the minimal payloads encountered when using some of today’s miniature box cameras. The head may be mounted upright or inverted, making it perfectly suited to studio floor configuration (on a tripod or small pedestal for example) as well as wall or ceiling mounted with a suitable bracket or support.

Like all our robotic camera heads the TG-27 is designed for on-air use with smooth and precise control at all speeds and zoom angles. The head has all the CMC motion control electronics built into it, with an easy-access hinged cover for maintenance. Full configuration of the head is achieved remotely over the TCP/IP control network, so physical access to the head is not normally required - a great advantage when the heads are mounted in restricted or inaccessible locations as is often the case.

Lens connections come directly from the head, reducing cabling and a single multi-core power & data cable is all that the head requires back the PDU.



17Kg / 37lbs

Tilt range

+/- 170º

Pan range

+/- 172º

Maximum speed


Minimum speed



Better than 3 arc minutes (0.05º)

Weight of head

7.4kg / 16.3lbs

Virtual reality output



4 x M6 female threads equally spaced on 84mm / 3.3" diameter

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